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SREM FILM FEST is a constant cultural manifestation, whose founder and director is Igor Čolak and executive BUBAMARA PRODUCTION and SREM FILM. It is both domestic and international competitive film festival of artistic achievements in the field of documentary film made by film or video techniques. 
The festival takes place in Srem, once a year, lasts four days and ends on the last Saturday of May.

The Festival Board

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Jury decided as follows:
Special Awards go to the authors of the films:
1. Milan Pilipovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), film RANKO’S SWANS, for his human and poignant attitude toward a couple of swans which became heroes of the film.
2. Hasan Arnautovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), films UNA and MAPLE CODE, for its cine-aesthetic and witty approach to a secret and beauties of the nature.
3. Tony Donoghue (Ireland), film IRISH FOLK FURNITURE, for its imaginative animation on recycling of old village furniture.
4. Stanislav Kralik and Ruzena Rausova (Slovakia), for their graduating work THE CITY OF RUST, for their brave and argute insight into the past and present of a city.
5. Laura Huertas Millàn (France), film AEQUADOR, for her smart display of a fiction of ruination of an Utopian project in Brazilian rainforest.

In category of TORURIST FILMS the awarded ones are:
1. GOLDEN LADYBUG – to Drago Toroman (Croatia), film THE LAST RAFTER, for his dramatic presentation of the essence of traditional rafters’ skill in contemporary conditions.
2. SILVER LADYBUG – to Dusan Vulekovic (Montenegro), film KOTOR FOR ALL SEASONS, for its dynamic and picturesque representation of the ancient city of Kotor.
3. BRONZE LADYBUG – to Jovan Jekic (Serbia), film ON BIKE TO EUROPE, BY ROAD OF IRON CURTAIN, for his engaged work on popularization of an ancient means of transport, a bicycle.

In category of ECOLOGY FILMS the Jury assigns:
1 GOLDEN LADYBUG to Jimmy Hendrickx (Malaysia, Belgium), film SEMALU, CHILDREN OF CHERAS, for his striking and cinematically convincing display of the life of children in an actually sinking city built on a swamp.
2. SILVER LADYBUG – ex-aequo, to Igor Byshniov (Belarus) film THE FALCON OVER THE TOWN, for his persistent and brave monitoring of a life of Kestrel in an urban environment, and to Jovana Milanko i Dusan Brkovic (Serbia), film THE STORY OF A DANUBE SALMON, for their extraordinary underwater photography and for the project of saving the fish Danube Salmon in the river Drina.
3. BRONZE LADYBUG, also ex-aequo: to Ivan Golovnev (Russia), film OIL FIELD, for his valuable testimony on a life of the inhabitants of Siberian taiga, where traditional lifestyle gives ground to the oil industry, and to David Fedele (Australia, Ghana), film E-WASTELAND, for the disclosure of the ecologically scandalous import of 50 million tons of electronic waste to Ghana.

Jury unanimously decided to assign the Grand Prix of the festival to the film THE BIRDS THAT SURVIVED (WITH) US, by Srdjan Djuranovic (Serbia), for his long-time work on documenting of the miraculous world of birds endangered by man. Bravely, persistently and sincerely, the author follows our close neighbours, birds, and reveals us the beauty and the tragic of their existence.


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